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Saint John's Church of England
Primary School



At Saint John’s we believe that when the emotional compass is pointed towards kindness rather than punishment, life improves for all.  We aim to create a climate where children gain social recognition for their courage and their kindness, rather than their cruelty and misuse of power.  We believe bullying at Saint John’s is rare but we are not complacent.

We have an anti-bullying steering group made up of all types of stakeholders.  The aim of this group is to ensure that the prevention of bullying is of the highest standard.

Members of Anti-bullying Steering Group

Staff  - Head Teacher  - Mrs J Moxham,  Teacher/TA – Mrs D Kimber

School Governors – Mr Rod Marshall, Mrs A Mayhew

Pupils – Jakub Boukhetala, George Clayton, Katie Johnson and Megan Smith

Parents – Miss E. J Covington-Cross    Mrs J Thomas

We have recently introduced a number of strategies to prevent bullying at St John’s

  1. Pupil anti-bullying ambassadors
  2. Anti-bullying box into which pupils can put in  any concerns they have –  checked weekly
  3. Whole staff training

If you have concerns about the anti-bullying policy or the school’s anti-bullying strategies, please see Mrs Moxham.

        Mrs J Moxham

        Mrs D Kimber

          Alexandra Mayhew

          Rod Marshall

         Emma-Jane Covington-Cross

         Jo Thomas

The link below is the current Anti-Bullying Policy and can be found at the back of the School Behaviour Policy. The Anti-Bullying Policy is under review.