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Saint John's Church of England
Primary School

Autumn Term

 Year 3 enjoyed a very creepy crawly start to their topic on the Rainforest when 'The Rainforest Man' visited and showed them a variety of insects and reptiles that live in the rainforest. The children were very brave and touched many of them as well as learning lots of facts to answer questions on their topic wall.

The Rainforest

You have been hired as a Rainforest Animal Expert

Your job over the next few weeks will be to research a rainforest animal

You could think about;

  • What layer of the Rainforest does your animal live in?
  • Does it come out during the day or at night?
  • What does your animal like to eat?
  • Which animals like to eat your animal? (Who are its enemies?)
  • How does your animal protect itself?
  • Describe how your animal looks.
  • What makes your animal special?
  • Write something you have learned about your animal that makes it unique.

You could include;

  • pictures
  • drawings
  • paragraphs
  • snippets of information

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