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Saint John's Church of England
Primary School

Meet the Staff 

There are three ways in which we provide opportunities for you to meet staff and discuss your child’s progress:

  1. There are opportunities when formal interviews are arranged between parents and teachers.
  2. Staff members are always available after school for a brief discussion BUT .....
  3. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress at length then please ask for an appointment so that we can devote enough time to a full discussion.

If your child appears to be worried or concerned about any aspect of his/her life at school, or you think there is something we should be aware of, please get in touch with the appropriate member of staff at once. Often a brief conversation with the teacher can clear up a child’s worry quickly, and help us to deal with the problem in the most appropriate way.

Head Teacher  

Mrs Moxham

Deputy Head/Y6 Teacher/Intervention Teacher 

Mr Brown

Class Teachers 

Ms Griffiths

Mrs Roper

Mrs Ralph

Mrs Snow

Mrs Seabrook

Miss Sanders

Mrs Cupit

Miss Meakin

Mrs Omar

PPA Teachers 

Mrs Kimber

Mrs Snow

Inclusion Manager 

Mrs Kimber

Pastoral Support Advisor 

Mrs Kimber

Peripatetic Music Teacher/School Choir Lead 

Miss Ginns (Violin & Keyboard)

Office Manager 

Mrs Mayhew

School Administrator 

Mrs Snow

Mrs Offord


Mrs Russell

Teaching Assistants 

Miss Price

Mrs Shortman

Miss Walsh

Mrs Bearman

Mrs Wynn

Miss Morrow

Mr Allison

Miss Burnham

Mrs Bolwell

Mrs Gibbard

Mrs Russell


Mr Vega


Mrs Bloxsome

Lunch Supervisors 

Mrs Bloxsome

Mrs Krori

Plus TA support