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Home and School working together

Communication between home and school is fundamental to your child's well-being and contentment - we want to be available as much as possible. It's good to talk!

There are various ways in which we provide opportunities for parents and carers to communicate with our teachers:

  1. There are opportunities when consultations are arranged between parents and teachers, usually twice a year.
  2. We use Class Dojo as a way of communicating messages between parents and class teachers.
  3. Staff members are always available after school for a brief discussion.
  4. If you wish to discuss your child’s well-being or learning in detail, then please ask for an appointment so that we can devote enough time to a full discussion.

If your child appears to be worried or concerned about any aspect of his/her life at school, or you think there is something we should be aware of, please get in touch with the appropriate member of staff at once. Often a brief conversation with the teacher can clear up a child’s worry quickly, and help us to deal with the problem in the most appropriate way.