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Being Ready for School

There are various ways that parents and carers need to help children get ready for school.  Often, these are not the things that seem "important" but they make such a difference to the child when they arrive at school.

1. Speaking and Listening

Encouraging a child to speak is an essential part of their development; being able to express themselves, talk about their feelings and ask for help can ensure that they settle into school much more quickly.  Talking with your child needs to be part of the daily interaction. (So much better than them spending time on any device!)

Listening is also important as schools need children to listen to instructions and follow them.  This can be very hard for a child, for example, when they are asked to pack away a toy they are enjoying. The more practice children have at home to follow instructions the better!

2. Toileting

Schools recognise that it is a big step to learn to toilet independently.  This takes time and is best done in the comfort of home.  If children arrive at school not being able to toilet themselves independently, they can become very overwhelmed by the numbers of other children around and remembering when they are busy learning!

3. Clothes - particularly coats

Being able to put a coat on quickly means that children are able to go outside to play much more quickly!  This is also the case with shoes, jumpers and other uniform that the children wear to school.  Please encourage them to put clothes on independently, rather than doing it for them.


Below are some articles and guidance notes to help parents/carers prepare their child for school: