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Saint John's Church of England
Primary School

Home School Agreement 


It is a DFE requirement for all schools to have an agreement in place. When your child starts at Saint John's we ask you to sign our home/school agreement which has been drawn up in consultation with parents. A paper copy of the agreement can be obtained from the school office and must be returned with your registration form.


  • Make sure child arrives at school on time (i.e. be in the playground by 8.55am)
  • Make sure child is collected on time (i.e. at 3.15pm)
  • Make sure child attends regularly and provide a note of explanation or phone call if child is absent
  • Make sure child arrives at school properly equipped (e.g. with PE kit)
  • Attend parents’ evening to discuss child’s progress
  • Support the school's code of conduct*
  • Inform the school of any concerns or problems that might affect child’s progress
  • Follow school e-safety guidelines**
  • Use social media responsibly**
  • Not take their child on a term time holiday


  • Care for your child’s safety including e-safety and well being
  • Inform parents of child’s progress regularly
  • Inform parents of any concerns or problems that might affect child’s progress
  • Send home an annual written report
  • Provide homework
  • Keep parents informed about school activities through regular newsletters
  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality or equipment
  • Encourage children to take care of their surroundings and others around them
  • Encourage children to do their best at all times
  • Provide information about national tests, targets etc
  • Make available copies of all school policies
  • Provide a balanced curriculum that meets your child’s needs
  • Celebrate your child’s successes
  • Encourage high standards of work
  • Value your child as an important member of our school community
  • Be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for you to become involved in the life of our school
  • Ensure that correct procedures are followed when dealing with complaints**


  • Attend school regularly and on time
  • Bring everything needed for that day
  • Wear the school uniform and be clean and tidy in appearance
  • Do all school work and homework as well as possible
  • Be polite, respectful and helpful to others
  • Keep the school free from litter
  • Walk inside and outside the building
  • Take good care of the equipment and building
  • Follow school e-safety guidelines*
  • Use social media responsibly*

* Refer to the school's policies on the school website

** Refer to the school complaints policy on the school website