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Our Vision

'Where We All Flourish’

From diverse beginnings and building on our Christian values, we grow together to reach up and reach out.

Our vision is that Saint John’s Church of England Primary School is a place where we all flourishes and grows. Our logo of a tree reminds us that we are ‘like a tree, flourishing in God’s unfailing love’ (Psalm 52:8). Our tree logo is drawn with one line, showing that we flourish together, helping each other as we develop and grow and prepare for our next steps, reaching up and out towards others.

The concept of a tree fits within a Biblical understanding that God’s love provides for everyone and, in that love, we can flourish – as many of the people of the Bible did, as described in Psalms and through Jesus’ teaching to his disciples.

Whole School Drivers:
•Celebrating Diversity (Citizenship)
•Growing Together (Caring)
•Reaching Up (Challenge)
•Reaching Out (Community)
These guide the intent, implementation and impact of our Curriculum.