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Pupil Leadership

School Council 

We want our children to play a full role in the life of the school, developing positive relationships and respecting school rules.

Our school council meets regularly to discuss issues raised in class council sessions and makes a positive impact on day to day life in school.


Worship Committee

Saint John’s Primary School Worship Committee is made up of a group of children from different year groups.

They meet regularly and work alongside staff to plan and lead collective worship, linking it to our School Value. Members of this group lead aspects of our daily worship, gaining brilliant experience of standing up in front of the whole school and making decisions about planning for our collective worship.


School Librarians

The school has a new library and a group of children are responsible for keeping this tidy and reviewing the books available to the whole school.


Buddies and Helpers

At Saint John’s, we aim to create a climate where children gain social recognition for their courage and their kindness, rather than their cruelty and misuse of power.  We believe bullying at Saint John’s is rare, but we are not complacent.

We take bullying very seriously and encourage the children to focus on two key messages:

Walk Away                     Tell a Teacher

This is essential to discourage retaliation and encouraging speaking out about any concerns a child might have.

STOP = Several Times On Purpose

(a useful definition of bullying, as opposed to unkind comments)

We have recently introduced a number of strategies to prevent bullying at Saint John’s

  1. Pupil helpers and a buddy bench in the playground
  2. Opportunities to "speak out" through messages in the reflection corner in each classroom
  3. Whole staff training

If you have concerns about the anti-bullying policy or the school’s anti-bullying strategies, please do speak to the class teacher or contact the office to arrange to see the head teacher. 

We are in the process of reviewing our anti-bullying and behaviour policies: we are collecting essential feedback from pupils, staff, parents and governors, meeting as a staff to discuss any alterations needed and sharing best practice and expertise as a number of staff are involved in county-wide training around this area of school life.

Other areas of responsibility:

Within each class, there are a number of different roles and responsibilities which our children are able to take on. We have cloakroom monitors, those who take the lunch register to the office, even pencil sharpening monitors!  Although these may seem trivial to some adults, these are essential to the education and development of the children at Saint John's and are taking seriously by both staff and pupils alike. Walking through the school to take a message or remembering to turn up for a meeting or even offering "to do a job" in the classroom are examples of ways in which our children begin to take on a role in society, serving others and rising the challenge of responsibility and leadership.