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School Information

Our Vision Statement

"where we all flourish"

We are ‘like a tree, flourishing in God’s unfailing love’ Psalm 52:8

From diverse beginnings and building on our Christian values, we grow together to reach up and reach out.

 Our School Ethos

Our vision is that Saint John’s Church of England Primary School is a place where everyone flourishes and grows. Our logo of a tree reminds us that we are ‘like a tree, flourishing in God’s unfailing love’ (Psalm 52:8). This logo is drawn with one line, showing that fundamentally we flourish and grow together, helping each other as we develop and prepare for our next steps, reaching up and out towards others.

At Saint John’s, we believe that every child is entitled to enjoy his/her childhood. They will be valued for their individuality and encouraged to develop their full potential in a stimulating and caring environment. We will instil in our pupils a sense of belief and confidence which will enable them to become life-long learners.